10 Amazing Facts About Lady Gaga

#5. Tattoos


Image Source: wikimedia.org

She has over 20 tattoos on her body but all on the left side as her father insisted that she keep one-side ink-free and ‘normal’. she honored his request and named her right-side ‘Marilyn Monroe’ while the tattooed side is called ‘Iggy Pop’.

#6. Cup and saucer

She once told in an interview that she carries a purple teacup and saucer with her wherever she goes. She drinks tea with her mother, carrying them makes her feel at home.

#7. Haus of Gaga

Haus of Gaga

Image Source: wikimedia.org

She has a name for the crew members who work with her. They are called “Haus of Gaga”. this crew includes sound artists, designers, visual and clothes artists.

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