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10 Amazing ways to keep your general knowledge fresh and learn some new things as well

The general knowledge we gather over time is extremely important because you will never know where life may take you, where you will need this information. And even if you have a rich general knowledge, you should not stop feeding your mind with fresh and brand new information. Life is filled with exams, whether they are the academic type or other sort, your old and newly acquired general knowledge might come in handy. Not to mention that is recommended to keep track with the current affairs as well, to really be well-anchored in present times. But how can you remember all this info? Here are the best methods that will ensure you will be constantly prepared.

#1.       Don’t underestimate the power of sticky notes

Don’t underestimate the power of sticky notes
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It’s impossible to miss a sticky note. They are colorful, and since they are not that big, they will make write down only the most essential ideas. It is a great way to keep in mind some answers before an exam and assimilate new info. Pick different colors of sticky notes and used them as learning support. You will see that you won’t only remember what is written on them, but also their color. Sometimes, it is enough just to remember the main idea, to know what to talk or write about a certain subject.

#2.       Exploit the online resources

 Exploit the online resources

As you might know already, the Internet is an inexhaustible source of information. Many websites can offer you great ways of enriching your general knowledge and keep up with the latest affairs going on in the world. These are the best sources for finding fresh and crisp information, which you can write on the fore mentioned sticky notes. Working on a computer may be more useful than the traditional way of gathering information, as you can do it faster. Just get fragments and create a scrapbook in a document format, which you can save. It is that easy.

#3.       Learn to appreciate general knowledge

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Learn to appreciate general knowledge
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Did you ever notice that you have better results in the subjects you like better? Unless you do the same in the case of general knowledge, you won’t be able to succeed. You should know that general knowledge is not a must, but it is something that makes you a better person. No one is pushing you to have a great general knowledge, it’s not like in school, but if you don’t have it, you won’t be a complete and eloquent person. So what’s the good of knowing just one thing in this wide world? Embrace and appreciate general knowledge, and things will shift around you.

#4.       The newspapers and news are another useful sources

The newspapers and news are another useful sources
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General knowledge must always be kept up to date. Things change and shift around the world, so you cannot remain with the same set of knowledge you have 5 years ago, as it is obsolete. Keep up with the news, as you may find interesting information about current affairs. And treat newspapers like a support for a study. This means to take a flash pen and underline whatever it seems interesting and useful to you, as you will easily remember and find the info faster, in case you will need to find something on that particular subject.

#5.       Discussions work great on thoroughness

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Do you know how you can best consolidate the new info in your mind? By discussing it with your friends. A chatter on a subject can help you by verifying how much you managed to assimilate up to a point and will sediment the knowledge in your mind. So next time your friends come over for dinner, it is highly advisable if you would start a general knowledge conversation, using the latest news you found out. You will see that everyone will have to dig deeper in their brain’s drawers for more information, being a great exercise for getting old and new information.

#6.       Use your best partner, the mobile phone

Use your best partner, the mobile phone

Since most people do everything with their mobile phones, it will be great if you could use it for enriching your general knowledge as well. To your surprise, there are some applications specially made to serve this purpose, and to keep you up to date with the latest current affairs. They will help you train in these domains whenever you feel like it, giving you the confidence you need regarding your knowledge.

#7.       Social networks can be used for other purposes than just entertainment

Social networks can be used for other purposes than just entertainment
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You cannot stay too much away from social networks? Well, you should know that you can learn something while spending time on them as well. You will be surprised to see that you can easily find on Facebook a number of pages created for general knowledge purposes, or for preparing certain exams. You will just have to search for them. Not to mention that YouTube also has a couple of channels created for the same objectives, and that is to strengthen general knowledge and offer info about current affairs. Following such channels can be of great use.

#8.       A pocket diary is not that outdated

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It may seem old fashioned, but pocket diaries can be very useful. Each time you find out something new, don’t hesitate to take out your pocket diary and write it down. At the end of the day, you can centralize all the data you gathered in a format you find easier to handle. The point is to be prepared whenever you get new info, because, by the end of the day, you will forget them, no matter how hard you try to keep them in mind.

#9.       Enter quizzes on the Internet

It is a great way to check the status of your general knowledge. There are a couple of websites that have well-structured questions, belonging to a vast number of domains. It would be great to see where you manage best and where are your weak spots. It is fun and educational at the same time, so don’t hesitate to check yourself out on online quizzes. You will have a timer and will get the score in the end, based on your performance. So we can say it is a real test.

#10.   Magazines are a good source of present happenings


But here we do not refer to fashion magazines. There are a great number of other magazines that are made to take the pulse of the world. If you get magazines with a good reputation, you will be able to find precious information about what is happening around the globe, especially the most important events. The best aspect regarding magazines is that they will always have fresh news.

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