10 Most Beautiful Gothic Cathedrals in Europe

#8. Notre Dame de Paris, France

Notre Dame de Paris, France

Image Source: upload.wikimedia.org

It is known as one of the most beautiful and stunning cathedrals of Europe. It took over a century complete this cathedral and is one of the first examples of French Gothic architecture. The structure’s stained glasses, dramatic towers and statuary are very impressive. It was also a site used to crown Napoleon as emperor in 1804 as well as used by famous novelist Victor Hugo.

#9. Cologne Cathedral, Germany

Cologne Cathedral, Germany

It was once the tallest building in the world. It is dedicated to St. Peter and Mary and is now the seat of Archbishop of Cologne. The cathedral took 600 years to be completed!

#10. Chartres Cathedral, France

The well-preserved cathedral with its stained-glass windows dominates the town of Chartres in France. Ever since its construction ended, the church has seen very small changes.

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