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10 Belly Fat Secrets That Don’t Work

There are are all kinds of diets and exercises that promise to melt away belly fat and yet, nothing seems to work in the long run. Take a look at these 10 belly fat secrets that don’t work and steer clear of them in your weight loss journey.

#1. Running a mile burns 100 calories

Such kind of estimates are based on controlled studies and don’t necessarily apply to everyone. You will burn calories and lose weight depending on your metabolism and other body features. Everyone’s body doesn’t burn fat at the same speed; remember that before you treat yourself to pizza after walking a mile.

#2. Nuts are fattening

Usually people shy away from eating nuts due to their high fat content. But it’s the quality of fat in nuts that’s important. They keep you feeling full, are good for your health and will not lead to a bigger belly. So snack away, but in small portions.

#3. Crunches can get rid of belly fat

Crunches can get rid of belly fat

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Ab crunches are good to train your muscles but that’s about it. They will not burn fat. In fact, it is not possible to lose weight only in certain areas. In order to get rid of belly fat, you must combine cardio exercises with strength training which will reduce the overall fat on your body and train your muscles.

#4. Eating everything is okay if I am exercising everyday

Exercising everyday is great but if you are targeting toned abs, eating mindlessly will not work. If you are serious about building good muscle then you will have to give up on fatty foods and opt for proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

#5. Supplements can burn belly fat

Opting for supplements isn’t a great idea as there is no scientific proof establishing their efficacy. Moreover, some of them might not even be safe. It is recommended that you check third-party verification before taking any supplements.

#6. A big belly is okay with a good BMI

Though BMI is the best indicator of whether a person is obese or not, a wide belly can still be problematic despite having a healthy BMI. As per a 2014 study by Mayo Clinic, people with bigger bellies are likely to die younger and are more prone to respiratory problems and heart diseases.

#7. Drinking beer causes beer belly

Drinking beer causes beer belly


Though it’s called a beer belly, it isn’t exactly caused by drinking beer. It is caused by consuming to many empty calories. But it isn’t a reason to guzzle on beer either as it’s not helping your waistline get in shape. Get a protein shake instead!

#8. Green tea will burn belly fat

Green tea will burn belly fat

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Green tea is good for your health but it will not make you lose weight for certain. In order to get the required amount of catechins, the fat-burning antioxidants found in green tea, you will have to drink at least seven cups of it each day.

#9. Coffee helps you lose weight

Caffeine can confuse your body’s cortisol production, which in turn affects your weight. When consumed in moderation, it is great thing as it increases metabolism and provides an energy boost. However, it can also produce an opposite effect if drank in excess and can lead to weariness and increased cortisol which further leads to weight gain in the middle.

#10. Vegan diets can blast belly fat

Vegan diets are healthy but they will not automatically blast away your belly fat. Your best bet is to eat fresh foods, lean proteins and meat and limit intake of fats and carbohydrates.

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