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10 Best Travel Movies to Watch This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and while most of us are planning to reconnect with family and friends, some of us want to escape and travel and leave this boring life behind. Check out these 10 best travel movies you can watch this holiday season and decide on your next travel destination.

#1. Into The Wild

into the wild

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The story is based on facts and is a perfect retreat for anyone wanting to avoid the monotony and humdrum of the everyday life. The protagonist Chris gives up his everyday life, burns his documents and money and chooses a life of freedom and adventure. He takes up a new name ‘Alexander Supertramp’ while starting his journey to Alaska in an attempt to be close to nature.

#2. Amelie

It is a French movie that makes one wish if they were born in Paris. The movie shows the life of a French waitress Amelie and her personal adventures through the beautiful city. The film shows Paris as it is, a beautiful city bustling with life which has so much to offer to a person.

#3. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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An everyday magazine employee misplaces the upcoming cover photo of the final issue of his magazine and journeys through beautiful locations of Greenland and Iceland to retrieve it. The movie is a perfect blend of scenic beauty with the right dose of adventure and a love affair that takes one to places.

#4. The Straight Story

The story is simplistic, beautiful and heartwarming. It’s the story of an old man who is traveling through several states to reconcile with his sick brother. Since he doesn’t have a driver’s licence, he travels via a tractor and a trailer.

#5. The Beach

This is the movie that made the beautiful beaches of Thailand so sought after throughout the whole world. The movie shows the lifestyle of backpackers, their ‘full moon’ parties and of course the white sand and crystalline waters of Thailand.

#6. The Way

The movie is about regular people, their fears, weaknesses and dreams. It is the story of a father (played by real father and son) who comes to Europe after the remains of his son who died on the trail of St. James and continues his son’s journey.

#7. Out of Africa

Starring Meryl Streep, Out of Africa is considered one of the best travel movies that won 7 Oscars. The movie is set in a different time but the characters make you fall in love with them and of course Africa too.

#8. One Week

The story follows a young man, played by Joshua Jackson motorbiking across Canada after he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. The movie is not just uplifting in the terms of its subject but one also gets the see the beautiful side of Canada and life.

#9. The Darjeeling Ltd.

This is an emotional comedy of three brothers who go on a journey to India to re-forge their bonds after the death of their father. The train trip across India not just offers beautiful glimpses of the landscape but of the life of the brothers too.

#10. Romancing the Stone

It’s an old classic which takes one through the exquisite world of Colombia. it is a fabulous journey of adventure taking place is cities and jungles of South America.


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