10 Celebrities and Their Weird Superstitions

We have all grown up with friends who would turn away from black cats or avoid the number 13 or tell us how something could bring bad luck. But guess what, even the celebrities we adore are no exception. They have their own superstitions too. Here are 10 celebrities with weird superstitions.

#1. Heidi Klum

The supermodel might have a dazzling smile but she still keeps her baby teeth close by. Sorry tooth fairy, you can’t have her teeth! She considers them as her good luck charms and doesn’t travel anywhere without them.

#2. Taylor Swift

taylor swift

Image Source: flickr

Taylor Swift was born on 13th and she considers it her lucky number. She said that she turned 13 on Friday the 13th and her first album went gold in just 13 weeks. Moreover, every time she has won an award, she has been sitting on either the 13th seat or 13th row. Glad that somebody considers it lucky!

#3. Missy Elliott

Your friends aren’t the only ones turning away from black cats. Apparently, Missy Elliott also does it. Whenever she comes across a black cat, she just turns around to go back home, no matter where she has to be.

#4. Neymar


Image Source: wikimedia.org

Apart fro his excellent football games, the Brazilian footballer is also known for his special good luck charm. He always comes to pitch wearing shoes personalized with his son’s name as he believes it brings him good luck. Good luck or not, but that’s such an amazing thing to do!

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