10 Coolest Jobs in the World That Will Make You Want to quit Yours

#8. Chief Shopping Officer

You must have heard of CEOs and CFOs but what’s with a CSO? Well, a chief Shopping Officer spends a certain amount of money every month on online products using certain services. You will also have to upload an entertaining public video each week showcasing the process behind the purchase.

#9. Video Game Tester

Video Game Tester

If you parents ever told you that you can’t make money by playing video games, this would be the right opportunity to prove them wrong. As a video game tester, you would be required to play video games and get paid in return!

#10. Chocolate Tester

Who doesn’t love chocolates? But not everybody gets paid to just eat chocolates and write reviews about them except a chocolate tester. The job requires one to eat chocolates and provide feedback about them to the company.

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