10 Crazy Christmas Facts

#8. The day off on Christmas is recent

Our ancestors didn’t have the luxury of taking a day off on Christmas.  Until 1850s, it was a working day in New England meaning shops and stores were open for business on 25th December and yes, children had to attend school!

#9. The story behind the mistletoe kiss

Kissing under the mistletoe sounds oh-so romantic! But did you know that the hanging sprig was actually a symbol of virility. Anyone standing beneath the mistletoe meant that the person is sexually available.

#10. Scrooge doesn’t celebrate with the Cratchits

A Christmas Carol

Image Source: geograph.org.uk

No Christmas is ever complete without ‘A Christmas Carol’. So here is another fact from the beloved movie. Even though they show that Scrooge celebrated Christmas with his employee Mr. Cratchit, in actually celebrates it with his nephew!

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