10 Crazy Facts About the Earth You Probably Didn’t Know

#5. Only planet not named after a god

The name ‘Earth’ came from Anglo-Saxon which meant ‘soil’. While all other planets in the solar system are named after Roman gods and goddesses, our planet is the only exception.

#6. Only planet with tectonic plate

It’s the only planet in our solar system with plate tectonics which is simply the outer layer (crust) broken into regions. They float on magma and can move against one another. They are important for geological activity (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, mountain formation, oceanic trench formation), tectonic resurfacing and carbon cycle.

#7. A supersized moon

A supersized moon

You know the Earth has one natural satellite- the moon. But did you know it is a rather big-sized satellite by our solar system’s standards. It comes to a quarter as wide as our planet. The Earth and its moon are only beaten in size by Pluto and its biggest moon Charon.

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