10 crazy facts about Walt Disney

Everyone has heard at least one shocking movie fact from Disney productions. But here’s a list of the top 10 craziest facts about Disney we bet you’ve never heard before:

#1  Wall- E was actually named after Walter Elias Disney:

 Wall- E

(image source: commons.wikimedia.org)

Everyone’s beloved rubbish compacting robot Wall-E was actually named after Walter Elias Disney

#2 Yen Sid spells “Disney” backwards:


Clever Disney fans figured out that the villain Yen Sid from Fantasia is actually DISNEY spelled backward

#3  Walt Disney’s famous dying words were “Kurt Russell”:

Walt Disney

(image source: commons.wikimedia.org)

Before dying, Walt Disney grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled the words “Kurt Russell”. Why he did so remains a mystery to this day. Even Kurt Russell, who was a child start of 15 at that time, has no idea.

#4 Disney productions was sued by a biologist once:

The Lion King

(image source: commons.wikimedia.org)

After the famous Disney animated movie The Lion King was released, a biologist sued the Disney Productions for portraying hyenas as villains!

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