10 Crazy Facts You Need to Know About Raccoons

#5. They eat everything

They eat everything

They are omnivores and will eat everything that they can lay their paws on except tomatoes (they are a no go). In urban areas, they eat human food or invade trashcans. In the wild, they have more animal options.

#6. They come in varieties

Six varieties of raccoons are native to North and South America. There are other varieties found in other areas. Out of all, the Pygmy raccoon is endangered.

#7. They are intelligent animals

They are intelligent animals

Raccoons are fairly close to human IQ levels and rank after monkeys and apes. They are also known for their evolving intelligence and thinking methods. They can learn from their past experiences and remember a trick up to three years. In fact, they were once subjects for lab tests along with rats and monkeys but were dropped for being too smart and strong-willed.

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