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10 Crazy things that People actually Eat

We all know someone who has strange habits when it comes to food. However, usually this involves putting ketchup on pizza or something simple. For many across the world, these habits are much more unusual. Below are the ten craziest things that people put in their mouths and actually enjoy it when they do it!

# 1. Century Eggs
Century egg sliced open

If you try these out for yourself, rest assured that their name does not describe them accurately. They are not eggs that have been preserved for an entire century, but they have been hanging around for the past couple of months. Age is what gives the yolks their lovely hue and thus their strange dining qualities.

# 2. Puffer fish

Puffer Fish DSC01257
We’ve all heard that food can kill you, but this is a bit too literal. If certain parts of this lethal fish are not removed it can prove deadly for anyone who consumes it. Talk about living life on the edge.

#3 . Fried Spiders

Skun spiders closeup
Most of us would stay away from these creepy crawlies, but for those living in the Cambodia region, this dish frequents their tables. Naturally, this is an acquired taste but one popular restaurant serves them to well over 200 patrons each week.

# 4. Grasshoppers

Fried grasshoppers in Bangkok

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Although this is consumed worldwide, the fact that people eat these jumping fellas is still a thought that make many of us cringe. They are filled with protein and many restaurants, especially in Asia and Mexico serve entire dishes made up of Grasshoppers.

# 5. Sannakji

Although Octopus, in itself, is not that extreme, you can actually eat a living version in Korea. This popular dish is served and small pieces of the animal’s tentacles are cut off and presented as they squirm in your plate.

# 6. Bull Testicles

Although they are called Rocky Mountain Oysters in the US, this fact does not change what they are made from. They are prepared differently depending on the place in the world that you are in, but they are deep fried in batter in the US and served as a crowd pleasing appetizer.

#7. Balut

Inside a Balut - Embryo and Yolk
If you have never tried Balut, you probably won’t want to begin now. This popular Philippine dish is made from fertilized eggs, which are then boiled with the embryo still inside. Diners then crack the shell and remove it from around their meal.

# 8. Khash

This dish, which was once a popular winter feast, is now a delicacy in Armenia, Iraq, Turkey and surrounding areas. The dish is made from boiled crow’s feet and tradition says that is should be consumed in months with the letter ‘r’ in the name.

# 9. Lamb Brain

Detalle de los Sesos de Cordero-Brains of Lamb
This dish looks as appetizing as it sounds, but is very popular in India. These are simple to prepare and are similar to tofu, at least in texture and consistency. They are eaten along with many of the other classic Indian foods that we are familiar with.

# 10. Tuna Eyes

Eating tuna eyeball
For those who enjoy their food looking at them, this is a fun delicacy to try. This popular Japanese dish fits right alongside the popular sushi creations and can either be eaten raw or steamed. Some choose to dip them in soy sauce, but others enjoy their flavors just as they are.

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