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10 Creative Ways To Propose To A Girl

Finding the right girl for yourself is not an easy job. But if you’re one of those lucky few who have got the girl of their dreams, and intend to keep her, you might be wondering how to pop the big question in a way that it’s unforgettable, but still not cheesy or guaranteed to get a negative response. If you’re not one of those smooth guys that always seem to know how to go about these things, we’ve got a few tips for you:

#1. Pick A Nice Restaurant

restaurant interiour
This is not exactly what you may call “creative”, but it’s a classic that has worked for many people before. You could hide the ring at the bottom of her drink or in the dessert. But make sure she doesn’t swallow the ring by accident. Oh, and by no means propose in a way that will force her to say “yes” just out of public pressure

#2. The Place Where You First Met Her

The Place Where You First Met Her
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Take your unsuspecting lady to the place where you first met her. Tell her what all she means to you while you guys are driving, walking, cycling (or even swimming/flying –it’s a crazy world!) to the place. This plan doesn’t need any preparation or back ground music or anything, because the place is already very special to both of you. That means she will already be feeling affectionate toward you –while being flooded by warm memories– just by being at that place.

#3. Aerial Banner

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If you think your girl is the sort who’d want you to confess your love in front of the whole world (well at least half the city), an aerial banner might be the best option. You can use the internet to easily hire one in your area. Now you just have to take her to a place where she (and half the city) can see the banner. You can opt for the beach, a park, an open air restaurant or a town carnival, festival or fair. If you’re religious, you can ask the pilot to fly over the church as you, her, and everyone else (hopefully half the city) is walking out after service on Sunday. Be ready with the ring as she turns to look at you in pleasant surprise.

#4. Pick A Special Day

Image Source

Propose on a significant day. There is a special kind of charm in that, plus it will help you remember the exact date, just in case she decides to test your memory after a decade or so. Yep, women have been known to do that. It gives you an opportunity to hide the ring in her Christmas present, carve “Marry me” in pumpkins on Halloween, or hide the ring in a cupcake you baked specially for her birthday. Everyone is feeling happy and stress free on holidays or their birthday, so it’s a good time to expect a “yes”.

#5. Treasure Hunt Game

Treasure Hunt Game

Ask her to play a treasure hunt game with you. Each clue should lead her to a place or thing that will melt her heart and flood her mind with fond memories. You can even write little notes telling her how much she means to you, at each destination. Please make the clues easy as you don’t want her to get annoyed, lost or mentally exhausted before she reaches her final finding: The ring. Reach the spot as soon as she finds the ring. Don’t do something stupid like leaving her to search while you run off to get some sodas or something.

#6. Refrigerator Magnets 

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This is a very simple sweet and quiet way of proposing. Before she wakes up in the morning, arrange the fridge magnets to say “will you marry me?” and then pull some random alphabet magnets to one side of the fridge door so she can spell “yes” for you. You can even magnet the posterior side of a cute little velvet box so that it sticks to the fridge and place the ring in it.

#7. Glow In The Dark Stars

Glow In The Dark Stars
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Just write “will you marry me?” with glow-in-the dark stars, so that when she switches off the lights for the night, your glowing proposal meets her eyes.

#8. Wear a Marry Me T-Shirt

Wear a Marry Me T-Shirt
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This is another simple and really cute way to propose. Wear a “marry me” T-shirt and zip your jacket over it. Take her to a nice picnic park or anyplace she loves and just reveal your T-shirt.

#9.Box In A Box Ring Surprise

Box In A Box Ring Surprise
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This one is good if your girl has patience and a good sense of humor. Give her a present that is packed like Russian nesting dolls, i.e one box in another. Create 6-7 layers of boxes to create a significant effect. Her suspense and laughter will increase with every box till she reaches the last, which of course contains the ring.

#10. Street Proposal Surprise

Street Proposal Surprise
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This is another good way of proposing publically. Ask a street caricaturist to draw you two standing together, but secretly tell him to add the words “marry me” in a speech bubble with your caricature that will be holding a ring to your lady’s caricature. As the artist finishes his job and turns his work toward you guys, she will soon read your sweet proposal and hopefully say “yes”. Make sure the words are written clearly enough for her to read, and not just squashed in a corner. Good luck!

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