10 Everyday Habits That Ruin Your Health in Long-Term

#5. Using Plastic Containers

Using Plastic Containers

It’s good to plan your meals ahead of time and store them accordingly but the containers you might use for that contain BPA which isn’t good especially if you are trying to lose weight. Look for BPA- free containers for storing food.

#6. Using microwave for preparing popcorn

These ready to eat popcorn contain a chemical called diacetyl which vaporizes when heated and when consumed can damage your lungs. Better let them cool down before eating.

#7. Drinking too much water

drinking too much water

It’s not always healthy because too much of it can lead to an electrolyte imbalance in your body. Every body has different needs and you should drink water based on it. If you move a lot, drink more but if you have kidney problems don’t gulp it all down.

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