10 Everyday Habits That Ruin Your Health in Long-Term

#8. Sitting cross-legged

Various studies have established that sitting with your legs crossed can lead to hypertension, nerve damage and varicose veins.

#9. Chewing gum all day

Chewing gum all day

Chewing too much gum can lead to gas and even diarrhoea. The bacteria in our colon love sweetener and when they break it down, they produce a lot of gas. Limit it to one or two sticks a day.

#10. Using mirrors for measuring your self-worth

Mirrors can be used for a lot of things but judging your self-esteem shouldn’t be one of them. We are all guilty of finding flaws in our body while staring into a mirror and how we don’t fit the perfect body description. Instead, use mirrors to feel more positive about your body.


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