10 Facts About Ancient Spartans You Probably Didn’t Know

#5. Slave Hunting

A Spartan became a true solider when he turned 18 however, they were only allowed to join the secret service or Krypteia after turning 30 and proving their worth. This branch of military required its soldiers to kill ‘helots’ or the subjugated population of Sparta that provided them with slaves.

#6. No respite for women too

No respite for women too

Image Source: ipernity

All Spartan women were expected to produce children much like all Spartan men were supposed to be fighters. They were allowed to stay with their parents but had to undergo rigorous training and education. They practiced gymnastics, dance, javelin and discus throwing which were supposed to make them stronger for bearing children.

#7. Children were encouraged to fight

In order to toughen up the young boys, their instructors would often instigate arguments and fights amongst them. Boys who showed signs of timidity and cowardice were treated with violence and teasing.

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