10 Facts About Japanese Geisha You Should Know

#5. Oshiroi


Oshiroi is the white powder with which geisha cover their faces and necks. The look is further completed by a black eyeliner, little bit of red eye-shadow at the end of eyelashes and deep red lips. In the early days, this oshiroi used to contain lead which would serious health problems in the later stages (some old geisha would start having pale skin).

#6. Special pillow

The hairstyle of a geisha is very elaborate and takes hours to do and they have to go through actual torture to get that hairstyle. Maintaining it id even troublesome. In order not to spoil that hairstyle, they would sleep on wooden pillows or takamakura which are special pillows for geisha.

#7. Black teeth

Black teeth

Image Source: blogspot.com

During old days, geisha would blacken their teeth. This practice was called ohaguro and was not just followed by geisha but Japanese women in general. These days, a maiko will blacken her teeth once she finishes her training.

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