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10 Facts About Schizophrenia

Over 2 million adult Americans suffer from Schizophrenia and 10% of them even commit suicide after their diagnosis. Schizophrenia is a condition that has been marked with delusions, hallucinations, poor executive functioning, thought disorders and an inability to sustain everyday lives. Here are 10 facts about Schizophrenia that you need to know.

#1. Split Personality

Split Personality

The word schizophrenia actually means ‘split mind’ which causes a lot of confusion about this diseases. People often think that those who suffer from it have split personality. It is true that these patients experience hallucinations and delusions but they do not have another personality. Multiple personality is completely different disorder and not related to schizophrenia.

#2. No diagnosis

Currently there is no medical test to diagnose this condition. In the absence of a solid medical test, doctors have to rely on observations to reach a diagnosis.

#3. Schizophrenics need to be monitored at all times


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People with this disease are now getting the right treatment and care so that it is possible for them to lead happy and productive lives. Even though many of such people live with their family or support houses but few are them are also active members of the society.

#4. Violence

People often think that violence is a symptom of schizophrenia but it is not always so. In fact, people with this illness are more likely to be victims of violence rather than creators of it. However, there are times when hey get violent such as during treatments.

#5. Caused by bad parenting

Caused by bad parenting

Usually the blame of this diseases is shifted to parents, mothers in particular. But it is to be noted that it is a mental illness and can be caused due to a number of factors such as trauma, drug abuse or genetics. Not being good parents to your kids doesn’t necessarily cause this condition.

#6. Occurrence Rate

Schizophrenia has a similar occurrence rate between males and females though at different time periods. It usually strikes males in their early 20s or late teens which can impact their development while in women it strikes in late 20s disrupting their adult lives.

#7. It can be passed on?


Genetics do play a role in causing this condition but it is always not necessary that just because one of your parents had it, you will get it too. A person’s chances of getting this condition are about 10% if one of his/her parents suffered from it. The chances are higher if more than one family member suffered from it.

#8. People with schizophrenia are no less smart

People with schizophrenia are no less smart

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Though there have been studies that have shown that people with this condition have trouble with their mental skills such as learning, attention or memory. But it does not mean they are nay less intelligent. Nobel Prize winner mathematician John Nash and Russian ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky have proved otherwise.

#9. Physical Health

Schizophrenia not only impacts a person’s mental health but also his/her physical health as well. The physical effects in addition to mental illness, lifestyle changes and side effects of anti-psychotic medication can lower a person’ life expectancy by up to 20 years.

#10. Treatment

Though hard to treat but not impossible to cure. T has been shown that with right medicine and therapy about 25% of people suffering from this condition can recover. Another 50% can see an improvement in their symptoms.

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