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10 Foods that Help you Lose Weight

Everyone is looking for ways to lose weight and it seems that everywhere we look we can find new ways to do so. These days, around every corner and on every supermarket shelf, there is some high profile item that promises to help you lose the weight that you are dragging around with you. However, many times the best things that can help you lose weight aren’t being marketed that way. They are simply everyday foods that have the power to fight the bulge and keep you healthy.

Here are the top ten foods that will help you to finally lose the weight:

#1  Beans


Beans are an excellent source of protein. They are also very filling and tend to be rather inexpensive. By eating healthy foods that fill you up, you will not need to eat as often as you did before.

#2  Soup


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Soup is typically low in calories and may help you to limit the amount that you eat during a meal. Try starting out with a small bowl of soup before consuming the main portion of your meal.

#3  Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Evidence is now surfacing that dark chocolate actually has the power to help you to eat less at your next meal. Those who enjoy a few bites of dark chocolate throughout the day have been shown to eat less.

#4  Vegetables



Vegetables are great at filling your stomach with little added calories. They also offer many nutrients and vitamins that your body needs and elements to help you use the energy from your food in a better manner.

#5  Nuts


Nuts are great for a snack and are an excellent source of fiber, which will keep you fuller longer. Munching on a few handfuls everyday will help you eat less at meals and receive some much needed vitamins.

#6  Fruits


Fruits are low in fat and contain many nutrients that the body needs. They are also filled with fiber that can help you eat less at other times during the day. These are perfect for snacks throughout the day or for breakfast.

#7  Eggs


Eggs are a great way to gain a bit of protein first thing in the morning. This added protein will help you avoid snacks later on during the day because you will not be as hungry as normal. Replacing sugary snacks with eggs for breakfast is a great way to lose weight.

#8  Salads


Salads are also a great way to add fiber to your diet and keep you fuller for longer. With the wide variety of items that can be added to a salad, your combinations will not be limited and you can keep your lunch menu exciting and fun.

#9  Green Tea

Green Tea

Green Tea is great for adding elements that help break down fat in the body. There are also a great number of nutrients that are present in green tea that help the body’s overall health and help it to lose weight naturally.

#10  High Fiber Cereal

High Fiber Cereal

Having a loaded fiber cereal first thing in the morning is a great way to stay full and avoid the cravings for snacks as they come along during the day. Fiber is also great for the digestive system and helps you to remove waste efficiently.

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