10 Forbidden Places You Cannot Visit

You may want to travel the world and make the world your oyster but there still are some places you are not allowed to visit. Here are 10 Forbidden places You Cannot Visit, so cross them off your bucket list.

#1. Snake Island, Brazil

Ilha Queimada Grande - Itanhaém

Who would want to go to an island infested with thousands of venomous snakes unless you are a scientist. Common folks like us would never even imagine setting foot on such a dangerous territory.

#2. North Sentinel Island, Indian Ocean

Sentinel Islands are are isolated from the rest of the world and believed to have a population of just 400 people. This island is avoided by travelers because of the belief that violence and cannibalism are still practised here.

#3. Lascaux Caves, France

Lascaux Caves, France

Image Source: wikimedia.org

At one point of time Lascaux Caves used to be a major French tourist attraction. They would draw archaeologists from around the world but they have now been closed due to preservation issues as the emission and exposure from outside environment damaged these Paleolithic paintings.

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