10 Forbidden Places You Cannot Visit

#4. Zone Rogue, France

In English, it translates as “The Red Zone”. The Zone Rogue are areas in the northeastern parts of France that were sanctioned off after the WW1 and never opened for public. It is considered a dangerous area because the huge amount of human and animal remains as well as millions of pieces of unexploded material were considered unsafe for the public.

#5. Doomsday Vault, Norway

Doomsday Vault, Norway

Image Source: wikimedia.org

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault or the Doomsday Vault as it’s called is a seed bank located in the middle of the Arctic, on an island that’s part of Noway. Th vault has all kinds of seeds stored as a safeguard against apocalypse and is only open for special visitors on some days.

#6. Poveglia, Italy

The small island lying between Venice and Lido has a horrible history and considered haunted. Throughout its long history, it has been home to a fort, a shipping check point and was also used as a quarantine during the Bubonic Plague and then used as an asylum. It is believed that its is haunted by the ghosts of the people who died here.

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