10 Forbidden Places You Cannot Visit

#7. Heard Island Volcano, Australia

Lava Flow on Mawson Peak, Heard Island
This barren volcanic Antarctic Island is considered one of the remotest places on Earth and lies between Madagascar and Antarctica. Not only it has an active volcano, it also has poor weather and cut off from other land masses.

#8. Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City, Italy

These archives, some of which date back to the eighth century are buried in the walls of the Vatican City and consist of historic documents, acts of the Holy See, letters from Michelangelo, King Harry and Queen Mary of the Scots. Apart from the selected staff, nobody is allowed to visit them.

#9. Area 51, USA

Area 51, located in Southern Nevada has long been shrouded in conspiracy theories. Area 51 is the name given to the US Air Force Facility and its is believed to be the testing ground for weaponry and experimental aircrafts. However, conspiracy theorists believe that its carries experiments on alien spacecrafts. The area is off limits to general public.

#10. The Mormon Church Secret Vault, Utah

It is located in the deep side of a mountain and contains over 3 billion pages of data about family history of many Americans. Though there are guided tours, the heat controlled vault is off-limits.

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