10 Freakiest Plants and Animals You’ll Ever See

We aren’t the only living things on this planet, and some of the others are just downright freaky!

#1.      Under the Sea : the Sea Pig

Mother Nature concocts all manner of strange and unusual creatures, but none is quite so downright strange looking as the ‘Cthulhu Larvae”, a form of Sea Cucumber or Sea Pig that looks, well, like something that’s crawled out of an H.P. Lovecraft story. I guess now we know what inspired him to write about the Elder Gods. Seen below, the Sea Pig all grown-up.

#2.      Under the Sea : the Giant Goldfish

Yes, that’s right. The goldfish. The one we all got as kids, which then died and taught us a lesson about responsibilities. Well, it’s back and it wants revenge. I’m kidding, but to look at how much bigger these giant goldfish are, I might not be!

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