10 Fun Facts About Sloths

#8. Mating

Sloths hardly leave their trees except when they go for a swim or to the bathroom. They even mate and give birth to their young ones in trees. This starts when a female gives a mating call by yelling. Males will then fight for her by hanging from trees and pawing at each other. The winner sloth gets to mate.

#9. They only defecate once a week

They only defecate once a week

One of the reason they leave their trees is for defecating and they do it only once a week. This is cause their food, the leaves they eat takes up to 30 days to digest. They can lose up to one-third of their body weight after going to the toilet.

#10. Why they die?

Half of the sloth deaths occur when they go on their weekly trip to dig a hole and defecate. Since they always use the same spot, they are vulnerable to predators.

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