10 Fun Facts About Easter

#6. Tallest Easter Bunny

The tallest Easter bunny was made in Italy in 2011. standing at 10.39 meters, the bunny weighed a massive 7,200 Kg.

#7. Pysanka


Image Source: flickr.com

The art of coloring eggs is known as pysanka. The practice originated in Ukraine and involved using was and dyes to color the egg.

#8. PAAS

Yet there is another very well known dye that has been used forever. PAAS has been supplying Easter dyes for over 135 years. The company takes its name from the Dutch word for Easter- Passen.

#9. Peeps


Image Source: wikimedia.org

During Easter, Americans buy over 700 million marshmallow peeps which makes it the most popular non- chocolate Easter candy.

#10. White House and Easter

Every year, the White House hosts an Easter egg roll on its front lawn. This tradition was started in 1878 by then President Rutherford B. Hayes.

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