10 Fun Facts About Mario

#6. Wart and Zelda

The villain from Mario Bros 2, Wart has only had one cross in one Nintendo game. It was in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. He goes by his original Japanese name Mamu and helped Link complete his quest by teaching him a song.

#7. Mario would ride a dinosaur

Mario would ride a dinosaur

During the NES days, Shigeru Miyamoto wanted Mario to ride a dinosaur when Super Mario Bros. Was released. But this couldn’t be achieved due to Nintendo’s technical limitations. However, when SNES came out, Miyomoto grabbed the opportunity and introduced Yoshi.

#8. Once voiced by Optimus Prime

Over the years, Mario has had lot of voice actors including Charles Martinent and Captain Lou Albano. But there was once a time when he was voiced by Peter Cullen who also voiced Optimus Prime. This was when he showed up in 1983 show Saturday Supercade’s Donkey Kong shorts.

#9. Power-Ups

These days when Mario travels through the Mario Land, one can spot various Power Ups such as flowers and mushrooms with eyes. But the first power-up to get eyes was the Starman. Every other power-up except him was drawn without any eyes initially.

#10. Upgrades

The original Super Mario Bros. had power items such as the Super Mushroom and Fire Flower. The Super Mario Bros. 3 had other iconic power-ups such as the Super Leaf, Goomba’s shoe and Tanooki Suit. The series has been following such creative power-ups since then.


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