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10 Fun Facts About Taylor Swift

Talented, beautiful and inspiring- the American pop star Taylor Swift has achieved fame in just a few years of her career. She has been impressing and wowing people on and off the stage with equal ease. So here are 10 fun facts about Taylor Swift that will make you like her even more.

#1. Being Recorded

Being Recorded


In a 2014 Rolling Stone interview she revealed that she is paranoid of being recorded. She said “The janitor who is being paid by TMZ could record me.” she further added that it may make her sound like a crazy person but she cannot stop thinking about how many aspects of technology she doesn’t understand.

#2. First song

She learnt how to play three guitar chords from a visiting computer repairman. She tend wrote her first songs “Lucky you” at the age of 12. She can now play guitar, piano, banjo, ukulele and electric guitar.

#3. Terrified of getting a real tattoo

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She has mentioned that she probably will never get a real tattoo as she cannot commit to a single symbol or saying for the rest of her life. But if she were to get a permanent tattoo, she would get the number ‘13’ inked as it is her lucky number.

#4. First Job

She may be very glamorous now but her first job was nothing like it. She lived on a Christmas tree farm and would work with the rest of the family when the season came. She was in charge of taking care of the bugs and knocking the praying mantis pods out of the trees.

#5. Grandma


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Swift’s maternal grandmother, Majorie Finlay was an opera singer and Swift’s inspiration. Both the singers not only share similar beautiful genes but amazing vocal chords too and the ability to hook people with their voices.

#6. She was nearly blind

Until just a few years ago, until she had lasik surgery, she was nearly blind and had to wear a pair of contact lenses. She went to buy glasses and got the ugliest pair because it was lying in the corner, all dusty and she knew nobody was going to buy it.

#7. Grammy Win

Taylor Swift has multiple Grammys for her songs but she is also the youngest artist to ever win a Grammy. She was just 20 when she won the prestigious award for her album ‘Fearless’.

#8. Early Inspirations

It was a LeAnn Rimes concert that convinced her that she belonged to Nashville but she has had other inspirations too including Faith Hill, Shania Twain and Dixie Chicks. Just like Dixie Chicks, Swift also makes statements with her songs.

#9. Songs for Ex

Songs for Ex

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The pop star has admitted to writing about her Ex boyfriends. She said three songs in her album 1989 were about Harry Styles. These included “ All You Had to Do Was stay”, “I Wish You Would” and of course “Style.”

#10. First Guest to writer her own monologue on SNL

Usually, the celebrity writers take care of host’s monologue but Swift came out with her own. It was called “My monologue Song”. it included jibes at Kanye West and Joe Jonas and a kiss for her then boyfriend Taylor Lautner.

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