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10 Incredible Websites you wish You Knew Earlier

Finding useful websites in the sea of information can be rather difficult. And sometimes there are useful websites that can solve our problems in seconds but we may not even be aware of them. Take a look at such 10 incredible websites you wish you knew earlier.


#1. PrivNote.com


The site is useful when you have to share some kind of personal information with someone such as bank password or ATM PIN. The site lets you send a text note to the person as long as they are using an email, MS or chat. What makes it fun is that you can set the note to be deleted after a specific period of time or when it gets read.

#2. Zamzar.com

Tired of finding sites to convert one file format to other and never ending sign-ups? Well, this is your one-stop destination to convert any kind of file to another and you don’t even have to sigh up for a file sized below 50 MB.

#3. Have I Been Pwned

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With so many data breaches happening wouldn’t you want to know if you are a victim too? This website lets you know whether or not your email has been found in any data leaks. So, even if it has been compromised, the hackers only have an encrypted version of your password and you should change it as soon as possible.

#4. Radio Garden

The site lets you listen to any any radio station in the world. Great for people who want to listen to international music or just want to experience a new language.

#5. 10 minute mail

Nobody wants to sign up for subscriptions from other websites and deal with endless spamming. But there is fix! 10 minute mail lets you create a new email address that expires in 10 minutes. So you can shop to your heart’s content and keep getting the ‘first customer’ discount.

#6. Get Cold Turkey

Use this website for when you are in the last minute rush to submit an assignment, a report or you have to study but there are surrounded with distractions such as Facebook, Instagram or PS4. this website blocks these web-pages for an allocated period of time and replaces them with a quote to remind you to get back to work.

#7. Math Way

Every student knows the pain of solving algebra or the most dreaded calculus. Fortunately, this website does it for you. It solves maths problems including algebra, calculus and even chemistry.

#8. Retriever

This is very useful search engine and fun to use too! It lets you draw a sketch of the image you are looking for.

#9. My fridge food

My fridge food

Image Source: flickr.com

There is always a dilemma of what to eat. This website solves that problem. Just check what’s in the fridge and it will tell you all the recipes you can make with the available items.

#10. Print Friendly

The website lets you print a web-page without all the messy links, ads and images. Just paste the URL of the webpage and you get what you need!


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