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10 Interesting Facts about Back Dimples

Humans might share an identical physiology but there are certain body characteristics that some have and others don’t, like connected earlobes, dimples, sometimes an extra finger and back dimples. Some of these features are more sought after than others, such as back dimples. They are also known as ‘Dimples of Venus’ and are more common in women. They can reveal a lot about a person including their health. Here are 10 interesting fact about back dimples.

#1. The mark of beauty

Dimples are always cute and back dimples are even more sought after. They have been considered a mark of beauty which is evident from the fact that they were named after Venus- the Roman goddess of beauty.

#2. Not just for women

Even though they are named after a goddess of beauty, back dimples just don’t appear in women. Men can also have back dimples but compared to women, their numbers are rather small.

#3. Genetic

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Back dimples are genetic and are passed down from mothers to their kids.

#4. The scientific reason

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Their scientific name is ‘Lateral Lumbar Indentation’ but calling them back dimples seems way more easier. These dimples are formed just above the sacroiliac joints and result from a short ligament that stretches between the skin and spine.

#5. No deformity

Though they are not seen in every human body, they are not a mark of any kind of deformity. And people with back dimples do not have any problems with their spine or any other medical condition.


#6. Climaxing

Women with back dimples

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Women with back dimples are more satisfied sexually because they can climax easily than people who don’t have them. It is because of the positioning of the pelvic bone and the ligaments and a better blood circulation.

#7. Overall good health

There is a connection between one’s fat percentage and good health for back dimples to show up. For males (20-40 years old), a good range of fat percentage is between 8-19%. for women it is 21-31%. the same range is considered good enough for back dimples to become apparent. So if yours don’t show yet, losing some weight might do the trick.

#8. They can be sculpted

Unfortunately, there is no way to get them if you aren’t genetically blessed. And for those who want to sculpt theirs, doing exercises that focus on hips and glutes can help you in defining them more prominently.

#9. Exercises

Some of the exercises to enhance and sculpt your back dimples include the hip bridge and superman hold.

#10. Better blood flow

It is said that people with back dimples have better blood circulation in their bodies.

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