10 Interesting Facts About Cats

Cats and humans go way back to Middle Ages where Egyptians worshiped cat like deities and you could face punishment if you hurt a cat. These days, they are the most popular pets on the planet and people dote on their felines. The somewhat quiet and aloof nature of cats is what makes them so loved, but there is more to them that meets the eye. Take a look at these 10 interesting facts about cats to see how well do you know your feline friend.

#1. Threat to other species

Threat to other species

Cats are natural hunters, even the domesticated ones. In fact, cats are listed among the top 100 most invasive species. They are also the reason why 33 other different species of birds, mammals and reptiles are endangered today. The gifts your cat brings you might actually be from one of these species.

#2. They can drink sea water

Unlike us humans, cats can drink sea water to re-hydrate themselves. Their kidneys can expel salt which lets them drink all the salt water they want.

#3. Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep

You ever see how lions are always sleeping. Well, cats being from the same family follow in the footsteps. They spend 70% of their lives sleeping which makes it an average of 16 hours a day. Since they are hunters, they need to store their energy and by sleeping is how they store their energy. What a way to live!

#4. As smart as you

A cat’s brain is 90% similar to a human’s brain. It is therefore no surprise that cats are such smart animals.

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