10 Interesting Facts About Cats

#5. Cats and Disneyland

Cats and Disneyland

There is a reason there are no rodents in Disneyland. The amusement park owns over 200 feral cats which are released at night to get rid of the rodents.

#6. The whiskers

Cats’ whiskers grow out to be about the same size as their width. These whiskers serve an important purpose- they tell cats whether or not to enter tight openings. If the whiskers bend or move, cats know they won’t be able to fit. And I am still trying to pull my dog out from under the table!

#7. Landing upright

Landing upright

Cats are known for landing on all fours. This is because of their eyes and special balance organs in their inner ears. It is because of these tools that cats can straighten themselves in the air and land upright on the ground and amaze us all.

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