10 Interesting Facts About Electricity

Electricity is one of the most versatile forms of energy available to us and has been in existence for over just a 100 years. Today, it is an indispensable part of our lives but people know very little about it except for what they studied in school and that one ought to be careful of it. You may know that it travels at the speed of light but there is a lot you may not be aware of. Know more about this phenomena with these 10 interesting facts about electricity.

#1. Why don’t birds get electrocuted?

Why don’t birds get electrocuted

You may have seen birds sitting on electric wires and yet they would never get electrocuted. The reason behind this is because both of their feet are on the same line leading to an incomplete circuit. If any other part of their body were to touch another line, they would definitely feel the jolt.

#2. Benjamin Franklin and Electricity

Contrary to what you may have heard, Benjamin Franklin did not invent electricity. However, he proved that lightning is form of electricity. This led to invention of the lightning rod which conducts electricity to the ground in case a lightning bolt strikes.

#3. What does a light-bulb use?

What does a light-bulb use

A lighbulb only uses 10% of its total energy to create light. The other 90% emits heat. Compact florescent Light bulbs (CFLs) use 80% less electricity than conventional bulbs.

#4. Thomas Edison and power plants

Thomas Edison was the first person to build a power plant. In 1882, he built his Pearl Street Power Station which provided electricity to 85 buildings. Initially, people were scared of electricity and wouldn’t let their children go near lights.

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