10 Interesting Facts About Canada

#5. Lowest Temperature equals that of Mars

Lowest Temperature equals that of Mars

Everybody knows that it can get pretty cold in winters and in fact most people keep chisels in heir cars to cut out any blocks of ice in their way. The coldest temperature was recorded in Snag, Yukon in 1947 which was -63 degree Celsius (-81.4 degree Fahrenheit). it’s approximately equal to the temperature of Mars’s surface.

#6. Lower Gravity at one point

At one point in an area near Hudson’s Bay, Canada has lower gravity than the rest of the world. The difference might be small but it arises due to the fact that the “crust there is rebounding slowly after the last ice age and a deeper issue involving the convection in the Earth’s mantle,” as told by The New Scientist.

#7. Polar Bear Prison

Even polar bears are not spared from breaking and entering someone’s home! There is a special prison for polar bears who break and enter someone’s home for food.

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