10 Inventors that found death in their own inventions

Our world wouldn’t have been the same without the innovative implications of some inventors. Some of their contributions completely changed our lives and only in better. But not for all inventors faith was so generous. Unfortunately, some were killed by their own inventions, putting an end to their endeavor. Here are 10 of the inventors that believed so much in their inventions that they disregarded the risks. Eventually, they ended up losing their lives in the attempt to make a new breakthrough.

#1.       Henry Fleuss

A diving engineer in the 1870s, Henry Fleuss designed the closed-circuit oxygen breather. His device was designed to repair flooded ships. He created a rubber mask that was connected to a tank of oxygen. The only problem, which eventually killed him, was that he filled the tanks with pure compressed oxygen that is toxic to humans when we went for a test dive. We only breathe about 21% oxygen, the rest being nitrogen and other components.

#2.       Horace Lawson

He was a marine engineer, of the Confederate Army, during the American Civil War. His major invention were the hand-powered submarines, designing about three models. In 1863, he decided to test one of his submarines during routine exercises, even though he wasn’t included in the crew. Unfortunately, the vessel sank, killing the crew members and Lawson as well.

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