10 Inventors that found death in their own inventions

#3.       Henry Smolinski

The biggest dream of Henry, and his business partner Hau Blake was to create a flying car. They managed to design a single prototype, AVE Mizar, which should enable a driver to become airborne if caught in a traffic jam. The machine was a car that had removable wings. But 1973, during a routine flight, the wings just came off, making the car crash and killing both men inside.

#4.       Franz Reichelt

Franz was a tailor from Austria. He worked on creating a parachute embodied in a suit. When a couple of tests with the parachute suit on a couple of dummies went well, he decided to try it for himself. So Reichelt chose to jump off the first platform of the Eifel Tower, wearing his parachute. Unfortunately, it didn’t open, and he died immediately as he hit the ground.

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