10 Inventors that found death in their own inventions

#5.       Max Valier

A rocketry pioneer from Austria, Max Valier tried to build a rocket car. He eventually managed to do so, when he created, in the 1920s, rocket cars running on liquid fuel. He ended up testing with success a rocket car with liquid propulsion in 1930. Unfortunately, an alcohol-fueled rocket car exploded during a test, killing the daring inventor.

#6.       Marie Curie

Marie Curies is well-known for the great contributions she brought to the modern chemistry. A chemist and physicists, she discovered some of the chemical elements we know today, like Radium and Polonium. Marie is also the one that formulated the theory of radioactivity and the isolation of radioactive isotopes. Still, back then no one knew about the effect of radiations on the organism. So Marie worked without any protection, carrying vials with radioactive elements in her pocket and storing them in her desk’s drawers. She eventually died of aplastic anemia, caused by extended exposure to radioactive elements.

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