10 Little Known Facts About Depression

Depression isn’t just in the mind and one cannot simply snap out of it. It’s mental illness that impacts various other aspects of life of the person suffering from it. It doesn’t stem from a single ‘bad day’ and will not go away on its own. In fact there are over 6.2 million people in the US who suffer from clinical depression. It can take a toll on the life of the person suffering from it and his/her loved ones too. Here are 10 little known facts about depression to know more about the disease.

#1. Triggers


There can be various triggers for depression but people are more likely to be depressed if they have been through a stressful life event, seen a close one get depressed or have suffered from it in past. Sometimes it can stem without any obvious causes too.

#2. Genetics at play

While it is difficult to trace depression to a certain gender, age or race, it has been seen that genetics do have a role in determining whether someone will suffer from it or not. If a close relative (probably someone from first-generation) has clinical depression, the chances of close ones suffering from the same increase two-fold.

#3. Distorts your thinking

Distorts your thinking

Depression is a mental disorder and it distorts the way a person thinks. Somebody with depression might often get suicidal thoughts. It’s cause the brain isn’t working properly and making even small decisions requires huge mental efforts.

#4. Not just limited to mind

It’s not just limited to a person’s mental state. Depression can also cause physical changes such as stomach problems, headache, shortness of breath or eating disorders.

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