10 most intriguing aspects about left-handed people you didn’t know

Everything that it is a bit more different than what most of us are capable of doing captures our attention. Left-handed people are not that rare, but the easiness they manage to do everything right with their left hand amazes us. But besides this obvious aspect, there are a few more that most of you are not aware of. Unless you are living with a left-handed person or know one up close and personal, you will be amazed by the following 10 facts regarding these persons, who are natural of doing everything the other way around.

#1.       Many celebrities are left-handed

Even if they don’t come up front and admit it, many famous people are left-handed. Don’t think they don’t speak up because they are ashamed of being this way, as they may have forgotten all about it, being a leftie being so natural for them. Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Paul McCartney, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, they are all famous lefties. So it is not a defect that won’t allow you to meet success.

#2.       A sign of the evil

Believe it or not, but being left-handed was once thought to be a sign that one was touched by the evil. The word in Latin for “left” is “sinister”, so now you know why this wrong association was made. In some Christian schools, the nuns used to force left-handed children to write with their right. Also, if you take a better look at all pictures showing Satan, in most the evil one is represented is being a leftie. A very awkward belief.

#3.       Lefties are smarter

There are quite some personalities in humanity’s history that were geniuses. Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, they were all left-handed and brilliant minds, which changed the world. There are even some studies showing that most people having an IQ of over 140 were left-handed, in comparison with people that reached the same results, but were right-handed.

#4.       They have a special day to celebrate their uniqueness


Somewhere around the 1990s, a club in the UK, called the Left-Hander’s Club, decided to make a special day for all the lefties worldwide. Thus, on the 13th of August, all left-handed people celebrate the fact that they are a minority, in a world dominated by right-handed people. It was a day made to raise the awareness upon this fact.

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