10 most intriguing aspects about left-handed people you didn’t know

#5.       Lefties are more prone to brain-related issues

Regardless if you are left or right-handed, the left hemisphere of the brain is used for developing and managing the language and communication functions. About 30% of the left-handed persons do not fully use their right hemisphere, leaving them facing higher risks for developing conditions like dyslexia, schizophrenia, or even ADHD.

#6.       They are more likely to consume alcohol


It appears that left-handed people like more to drink than their right-handed counterparts. There was a survey done in 12 countries, with the conclusion that lefties are more frequent alcohol drinkers. It appears that the ones that use mainly the right brain hemisphere are not so tolerant when it comes to drinks. But that doesn’t mean lefties are more exposed to becoming alcoholics.

#7.       A good percentage of lefties are gay

A Canadian team made out of scientists wanted to see if there is a connection between being left-handed and gay. It appears that, after putting together the results of 20 studies, 39% of the lefties are homosexuals. In more detail, the results show that 34% are gay men and about 91% are lesbians.

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