10 most intriguing aspects about left-handed people you didn’t know

#8.       They are great artists

Another study showed that most left-handed persons are talented when it comes to arts. Whether it is about different arts or music, a survey made on 2,000 people proved that the majority of the left-handed subjects are inclined towards these directions. On the other hand, right-handed people are better when it comes to exact sciences, like math and physics.

#9.       Babies show a left-handed tendency early in their lives


It appears that babies can show, even from a very young age, if they are left-handed or not. Just put your baby on the tummy and, if you notice he has the tendency to turn his head to the left, then he has all the chances to be a leftie. Also, expecting mothers that are over the age of 40 have a 125% chance to deliver a left-handed baby. And, in the case of twins, there is a high chance that at least one of the twins will be a leftie.

#10.   The 3D world looks better on the left side

When it comes to apprehending 3D perceptions, left-handed people are more fast and accurate. This aspect is closely related to the fact that the brains of lefties work a bit different than the brains of righties. They are more efficient at creative thinking issues, together with optical illusions, finding small details in biggest images more rapidly.

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