10 Must-Know Facts About Rap God Eminem

#8. Dr. Dre didn’t know Eminem was white

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Eminem has credited Dr. Dre was his success. When Dr.Dre heard his tape for the first time, he was amazed by the artist’s skills and booked an appointment with him. However, upon meeting Eminem, the artist was shocked that this newbie was white!

#9. Almost Died

One time, back in 2006, Eminem overdosed on drugs and could have died had he not been rushed to emergency. If he had been any later, he would have died due to his organs shutting down.

#10. Lose Yourself

He penned down his famous song ‘Lose Yourself’ in just 30 seconds. The same song won him an Oscar. The song became the first rap song to ever win an Oscar.

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