10 Personality Traits That Determine Your Relationship

Why is it that some relationships last while some fizzle out very quick. The answer lies not in the issues of any relationship but the people concerned and their personalities. Here are 10 personality traits that can predict any relationship. Check how many you and your partner have.

#1. Contempt


This comes from being demanding in a relationship. Especially when one partner demand a lot and the other cannot meet up to all the needs of the partner. This leads to feeling of contempt and creates tension between both people.

#2. Withdrawal

Just the opposite of asking too much is not asking for anything or withdrawal. This happens when one partner feels a lack of communication or is not able to express himself/herself properly in front of their partner. As a result of withdrawal, couples usually end up drifting apart.

#3. Emotional Stability

Emotional Stability

Image Source: wikimedia.org

While there are various deal breakers for any relationship, this is one trait that can  strengthen any relationship. An emotionally stable partner not only looks out for signs of trouble but also knows how to deal with them.

#4. Growth mindset

People with growth mindsets know how much it takes to learn something new and how necessary it is to keep evolving into a better person. They seek the same in their relationship. It makes them better able to function in a relationship that will naturally change and evolve with time.

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