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10 Rumors We Keep Hearing About Next iPhone

Can’t wait for the next iPhone? Well, Apple is certainly going to surprise you this time as it marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Here are 10 rumors we keep hearing about the next iPhone. Only time will tell how many of them turn out to be true.

#1. It will be an S model of the iPhone 7

Earlier, a report obtained by MacRumors claimed that Apple will jump directly from iPhone 7 to an iPhone 8 and ditch the S model which it always follows. However, we can now expect an iPhone 7S with an updated processor and a red color option according to Japanese Apple blog MacOtakara and Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo.

#2. Bigger Screens?


Image Source: flickr

Another report from November claimed that Apple is thinking of two bigger screens apart from its usual 4.7 and 5.5 inch screens. The new screens are expected to 5 inches and 5.8 inches corresponding to iPhone 7S and iPhone 8S.

#3. A ‘high-end’ iPhone with wraparound design

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It is rumored that Apple might release a ‘high-end’ phone with larger screen as well as wrap around design, much like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We wouldn’t be surprised if this time Apple introduces an amazing product to make iPhone’s 10th year anniversary.

#4. All display front surface

The iPhone 8 is expected to have a front surface that is all-display without any borders and bezels leading to a larger display, according to John Gruber who is an Apple blogger.

#5. iPhone 8 to be mostly glass

iPhone 8 to be mostly glass

Image Source: flickr

The next iPhone 8 is rumored to be made of glass which could give it a similar aesthetic feel to iPhone 4 and 4S which had a glass back. In fact, a report by Nikkei, a Japanese news site said that Apple is really skipping its metal design this time and going for an all-glass back and metal frame.

#6. Facial Recognition

After iPhone 7 and 7Plus got rear-facing camera overhaul, Apple is now shifting its attention to the front camera. Rumors suggest that the new iPhone 8 will have facial recognition, a 3D sensor along with infrared transceiver.

#7. Invisible Home Button

Invisible Home Button

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It was claimed by Ming-Chi Kuo in January 2017, that Apple would be using optical sensors for the touch ID home button. Another source said that the home button will be embedded into the front glass panel as the optical sensors will be able to identify fingerprints through thick OLED panels.

#8. Curved OLED Display

According to a report published in the Korea Herald, the revolutionary new iPhone 8 will have a plastic OLED that ‘curves all over’. it corroborates to yet another rumor that Apple is expected to release three new models next year one of which will be premium model with OLED display and two with flat LCDs.

#9. Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

Image Source: flickr

This comes in continuation to the rumor that Apple will be introducing the new iPhone will all glass casing. This is done in order to facilitate wireless charging. Even though many metal and plastic smart-phones support wireless charging but glass offers lesser frequency disruptions.

#10. Folds like a book?

Just how you fold a book, you just might be able to fold the next iPhone into half. This comes from the fact that Apple has been granted a patent for a book-like iPhone design that can be folded into half using an OLED display.

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