10 Science Backed Ways to Take a Perfect Vacation

Vacations are blessings that rejuvenate your soul and leave you refreshed and ready to take on the world. But very often, they don’t turn out as how we imagined. Here are 10 science backed ways to take a perfect vacation so that you are left with memories and not regrets.

#1. Anticipation


Researchers have found that vacation anticipation is actually a good thing and probably the best part of a trip. In fact, you should avoid making last minute plans as they will not only kill the planning but the anticipation too and will leave you worried. So plan in advance and look ahead to your trips.

#2. Stay entirely detached from work

You may leave work and go for vacation but your work won’t let you off that easy. Most people continue getting work messages sometimes even when they are out. So it is better to keep aside your smartphone and not spend all your time in answering emails and messages. Set boundaries and detach from work completely if you have to.

#3. Relaxation


Image Source: flickr.com

The happiness that comes from taking a vacation isn’t very long-lived. In fact, you might be back to your usual self on your first day of work. But you can certainly increase the longevity of it by relaxing on your trip. In fact people who do passive activities are more happier with their trips.

#4. Length of the trip

We might think that the longer the vacation, the better it is but this isn’t always the case. In fact, the length of the trip has nothing to do with happiness that comes from it as long as one can enjoy all the activities and have ample time to relax.

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