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10 Simple Tips for Better Sleep

“Sleep-hygiene”, that’s what they call it when you follow proper sleeping practices and habits. By ‘they’ I mean the scientists and researchers. Many people think that sleep is something we cannot control, especially good sleep. They cannot be more wrong. How so? Here are some tips which will put you in control of your sleep, proving you wrong.

#1. No Chemical Interference, Please

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For better sleep, the simplest tip is to avoid caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and other chemicals that are capable of interfering with our sleep. It is a known fact that caffeine keeps you awake, so stay away from it a few hours before bedtime, as simple as that. Same goes for nicotine and alcohol.

#2. Sleep When you are Really Tired


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Instead of struggling to sleep, why not just fall in to sleep, unaware. After all, that is the best kind of sleep. Struggle for sleep arouses frustration. So, if you are not asleep within 20 minutes or so, just get out of bed and do something relaxing, until you are truly tired and then sleep like a baby.

#3. Do Not Keep Your Eyes Glued to the Clock better_sleep

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Staring at the clock across the wall when you are trying to sleep does not help at all. It increases stress which means sleep deprivation. If it’s in your habit then sleep at a place where you do not face the clock, or vice versa.

#4. Light to the Rescuesleep

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Natural light cycle is good for your natural sleep cycle. So, sleep in a room where light can enter the room first thing in the morning. Let Sun make your job easier.

#5. Set Your Internal Clock and Avoid Sleepless Nights


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If you sleep and wake-up at a fixed time, or time interval, your body will set an internal clock, which will help you fall asleep more easily on a daily basis. If you wake up at a fixed time every day, even if you couldn’t get enough sleep, means that you’ll fall even more easily into sleep, deeper and more sound than ever.

#6. Simple Rule- Early Nap or None at All


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If you are having troubles falling asleep, then naps might be the culprit. Many people forget that naps are meant to be quick and short, and take long naps; resulting into no sleep at all at nights. To avoid this make sure that your nap is short and before 5 p.m.

#7. Light Evening Meals

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Heavy dinner- a no-go for insomniacs. If you want to sleep peacefully, remember to have a light and healthy, yet fulfilling dinner (of course I wouldn’t suggest you to starve yourselves). Also, remember that dinner and bed-time should be several hours apart.  Steer clear of foods that may cause indigestion, for your dinner.

#8. Fluid, Fluid, Fluid… Wait! Balanced Fluids

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Balanced fluid intake is very important for your health. No wonder it is also important for your sleep cycle. Drink enough water to keep you from waking up, either due to thirst or for nature’s call.

#9. Exercise at the Right Time

If done at the right time, exercise can help you with many things, even falling asleep. Remember not to exercise right before going to sleep, as exercising produces stress hormones in our body. At least keep a gap of three hours between exercising and bedtime.

 #10. Surroundings Matter

Turn your bedroom into a calm, serene place. Nothing says “sleep-well” like a quiet and dark environment.

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