10 Strange Things Banned by Governments Around the World

You wouldn’t believe what governments around the world have banned. From reincarnation to jasmine video games, the list is pretty absurd! Take a look these 10 strange things banned by the governments around the world.

#1. Gaming Consoles: China

Gaming Consoles

Image Source: upload.wikimedia.org

Even though most gaming consoles are made in China, but the Chinese government imposed a ban on the usage of gaming consoles in 2000 as it was concerned that the youth was wasting its time in playing games rather than working. However, gamers can buy non-console games which renders the ban ineffective.

#2. Video Games: Greece

In order to curb the online gambling in Greece, the government passed a law that banned all electronic games such as video and PC games. Apparently, the government was unable to distinguish between illegal gambling machines and innocuous video games.

#3. Emo clothing: Russia

Emo clothing

Image Source: deviantart.net

While it’s totally acceptable for parents to chide their kids when they embrace a certain fashion but when a government does it, it is something completely different. Concerned about the high suicide rate in teens, the Russian government decided that emo fashion was to blame for it and thus enforced a ban on emo clothes.

#4. Reincarnation without prior consent: China

Reincarnation without prior consent

Well, it is something you can’t control and the whole idea of stopping someone from reincarnating seems quite absurd. But this is the Chinese government’s way of taking control of Tibetan Buddhists by ruling over their sacred beliefs.

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