10 Things You didn’t Know About the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea lies on the border of Jordan to the East and Israel to the West. It is one of a kind hypersaline water-body that lets you float on water and has numerous health benefits. Read on to know 10 things you didn’t know about the Dead Sea.

#1. Formed due to a rift in Earth’s crust

Formed due to a rift in Earth’s crust

Image Source: wikimedia.org

The Dead Sea came into existence because the crust of the Earth was stretched due to the formation of a rift on that location. Known as the rift valley, the surface sank down where the crust was thin leading to the formation of Dead Sea. Scientists estimate that it might still be sinking more every year.

#2. Lowest Point on Earth

The surface shores of the Dead Sea are 423 meters below sea level making it the lowest elevation point on Earth. This is a place where sea and desert meet which create this wonder that draws tourists in huge numbers.

#3. It’s not a sea

dead sea

Even though throughout the world people call it ‘sea’, it is technically not a Sea; it is in fact a lake covering about 50 Km in length with no outlet to the ocean. It’s called a ‘sea’ due to the high composition of salt in its waters just like a sea.

#4. Deepest Hypersaline Lake


The Dead Sea is the fourth saltiest lake in the world, coming after Lake Assal in Djibouti and the Don Juan Pond in the state of Victoria and Antarctica. It is however, the deepest hypersaline lake with a depth of 377 meters.

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