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10 Things Drinking a Glass of Milk Everyday Does to Your Body

During our school days, we learned that milk is a super-food. But as we grew up, drinking milk took a backseat. Today, people have a divided opinion on the role of milk and whether if it is worth the hype. Well, see for yourself! Here are 10 things drinking a glass of milk everyday does to your body.

#1. Bone and teeth


The USP of milk is that it is loaded with calcium and a variety of other nutrients. The high amount of calcium and vitamin D found in milk makes it an ideal food for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Moreover, since it has vitamin D and calcium together, it makes the absorption of calcium easier for the body.

#2. Acne

If you have had acne before your dermatologist would have probably told you to steer clear of dairy. Drinking milk everyday can lead to acne as milk can cause inflammation leading to breaking out of the skin. However, there are other alternatives if you still want a dairy fix, these include kefir and plain yogurt.

#3. Muscle Growth


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Milk is a rich source of protein so it is your go to food if you are trying to enhance muscle growth. It is good post workout drink as it can replenish body’s nutrients lost during the physical activity and prevent muscle soreness.

#4. Bloating

People who are lactose intolerant already have a hard time digesting milk, but it can cause bloating if you have been consuming milk everyday. The problem becomes even more prominent as one ages and the digestive system isn’t as sophisticated as it used to be so it has trouble digesting milk.

#5. Weight loss

weight loss

For those looking to lose weight, milk is good news. It can accelerate weight loss. Women who drink milk everyday are more likely to lose weight and maintain it than those who do not. When accompanied with physical activity and a healthy diet, weight loss is certain.

#6. Eliminates Heartburn

The acid present in certain foods can cause heartburn. Milk can help you get rid of that via its cooling sensation and thick consistency with which it can coat the stomach lining and esophagus.

#7. Less calories, more nutrition

Less calories, more nutrition

If you are concerned with counting calories in your diet, try including a glass of milk in your diet plan. Not only it has protein which can help you build muscle, it also provides more nutrition with fewer calories.

#8. Stress reduction

The vitamins and minerals present in milk can help in reducing stress. A warm glass of milk at the end of the day can help relieve stress and tension.

#9. Protects Against Diseases

Apart from the various benefits that have already been noted, milk can help in prevention against various life threatening diseases. Nutrients found in milk (such as omega-4 fatty acids, vitamin A and K2) can help protect against diseases such as diabetes, cancer and cardiac diseases.

#10. Alleviates PMS Symptoms

For a woman, going through PMS every month can be challenging. Drinking a glass of milk has proven to reduce the negative effects of the menstrual cycle as well as relax the body.


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