10 things not to do on your first date

First Date is always a special experience and you must avoid a few mistakes to make the experience of your first date good and memorable. Ten such mistakes are mentioned below.

#1    Taking excessive drink:

Taking excessive drink

You may take drink in your first date. However, taking excessive drink can spoil the broth for you. It is fine to take two drinks. If you feel fine then you can take three. However, anything more than that can be harmful to you in your first date. You must have complete control in yourself in the first date.

#2    Avoid talking about ex:

Avoid talking about ex

Even if you have immense hatred against your ex, it is needless to take his or her name at the time of your first date. As you are ready to move on with your new relationship, don’t bring back the saddest part of the past. If you have not got out of your feelings for the ex, then first heal that and then go for the dating.

#3    Block your cell:

Block your cell

When you are with your girlfriend in the first date give her as much attention as you can. Avoid doing emails, messaging, and social networking in the mobile phone. It can be extremely annoying for your partner. You may behave impolite because you are already occupied with your mobile which can be extremely disturbing.

#4      Not go for many question and answers:

Not go for many question and answers

You have not come on a date to interrogate your partner. So asking a lot of questions or saying a lot of things about yourself unnecessarily can be harmful for you. You should not ask more than three questions in a row to your partner because it can be annoying a bit. It is better to go with normal conversation.

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