10 Things You Might Not Know About the Berlin Wall

#7.  East Germany called the wall the “Antifascist Bulwark”

East German government claimed that that wall was actually meant to keep western spies, fascists and ideas out rather than keeping the East Germans in.

#8.  West Germany didn’t oppose the wall

On the surface, the wall was erected in order to prevent East Germans from entering West Germany. However, it wasn’t much of a restraint for the West as they were still able to enter East Germany by obtaining a permit in advance. The Western side didn’t oppose the wall as it indicated that the Soviet was not interested in taking over West Germany.

#9.  Checkpoint Charlie

There were various crossing points even while the wall was up. One such point was Checkpoint Charlie. It is now a world- renowned part of the barrier. The nickname as given by Western Allies.

#10.  The wall had graffiti

The western side of the wall had graffiti. But there was no graffiti over the communist Eastern side.

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